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Winter Solstice

Poem & Photography of Ma’at CC

By Ma’at CC 𓁧 Published 6 months ago 1 min read
Photography by Ma’at CCs’ plane arrival over SeaTac ♡

Plant a Tree, Hug a Tree, Burn a Tree, & Drink some Tea.

Lets Us Raise our Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Vibrational Degree.

Get a new Plant, Stop sayin I Cant!

December 21st, First Day of Winter,

Yeah, that Washington Wind is the first hinter!

Shortest Day, Longest Night,

Yes, that Sun gone be fa sho Shinin Bright!

Northern Hemisphere, Sun at its lowest point of the year,

for Tropic of Cancer, Crazy Weather is always an Answer.

Southern Hemisphere is Day all Day,

Sounds like the next move for Me & Bae ♡

Tropic of Capricorn, is where i’d love to have been born!

Crisp, Chilly Winds, Times with Special Loved Ones & Friends,

Long Laughs, & Huge Grins,

Infinite Fun Times, As our Joy Steadily Climbs!

Lets all Take time to offer Gratitude,

for our Divine Planets’ Aptitude,

& Honor the Patterns of Our Natural World,

in which All Our Magical Energies Swirl!

Im Thankful for the Earth, Im Thankful for my Birth,

Im Thankful for the Land, Seas, & Trees,

& Most Definitely, My Friends & Family!

Love CC 🫶🏾


About the Creator

Ma’at CC 𓁧

SelfPublished Author Artist Entrepreneurial Expressionist ♡ ✍🏾📚


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