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Indigenous Gratitude Day

HonestDay Poetry

By Ma’at CC 𓁧 Published about a year ago 1 min read

Happy Indigenous Gratitude Day

Thankful to have some Family, Friend, Love Ones Time; Always & Forever Thankful & Appreciative of that!

Thankful for Giving up our Land, Rights & Control, I think not!

Thankful for the Capitalist Society brought by the Corporation that Stole Turtle Island; Absolutely Not Thankful but Very Ungrateful!

Thankful for Bad/Unnatural Eating Habits, I Think Not!

Thankful for Highly Controlling Invasive Unlawful Neighbors, I Think Not!

Thankful for Oppression, Tyranny, Extortion, Rape, Thievery, Murders, Beastiality, Pedophilia & Nature Haters(People who Kill Animals Constantly & Deteriorates Nature & Natural Resources Daily), I Think Not!

Thankful for our Land Origins Erasure & Some New State Names on Misnomered Territories, I think not!

Thankful that i got my Nationality & Identity Stolen by the Birth Certificate & SSN, I Think NoT!

Thankful for Schools & Media, for implanting New Positive meanings to help us Overlook truth, ab this & all Holidays, in which truly are awful massacres of our people & theft of our Nation, I Think the Hell Not!!

Thankful for Destructive Settling Neanderthal Pilgrims Colonization of Our Nation, Heck No Im Not Thankful for None of That!

I am Grateful & Appreciative of My Ancestors & their Sacrificial Headway!

Without Them there is No Me!!!!

In Conclusion, Thanksgiving is more like UngratefulTaking!

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Ma’at CC 𓁧

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