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by Zoe Dalley 5 years ago in nature poetry
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A Sonnet

Soft snow, white as doves as it neatly falls

The sun, its blanket gloomy cloud cover

Or if it shines, its glint shimmering calls

How the chill reminds you of another

Colors, drifting longingly to their fate

Crackling beneath your determined feet

At this time, winter does concede to wait

As you rush to loved ones you'd like to meet

Its frost then sits quietly unnoticed

Snowflaked blowing in the solitude air

As you and the frigid season both must

Travel to those who want and need you there

Though winter is beautiful as could be

Its beauty is one that not all can see

nature poetry

About the author

Zoe Dalley

I enjoy angsty poetry from time to time.

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