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Wings of Verse: A Mesmeric Ballet in the Avian Sky!


By MORZATPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the canvas of dawn, a lyrical ballet unfolds,

Robins and larks, nature's maestros bold.

Morning's first light, a symphony to commence,

Feathers catching the sun's golden incense.

Behold the plumage, a kaleidoscope of delight,

Peacock's hues shimmering, sparrows in soft twilight.

Nature's canvas alive, a masterpiece untold,

Each feather a story, a spectacle to behold.

As daylight dims, nocturnal ballads commence,

Nightingales serenading, a celestial pretense.

Moonlit ink, their verses gracefully drawn,

In whispers and trills, a nocturnal dawn.

Eagles, sovereigns of the azure expanse,

Wings carve verses, a majestic dance.

Freedom's proclamation in each soaring note,

The sky their parchment, a story afloat.

Enter the hummingbird, a jeweled sprite,

Wings fluttering in a garden's twilight.

A living sonnet, a ballet in the air,

Nectar sipped with grace, a dance rare.

Feathers rustle, melodies clear,

Avian poets, drawing near.

Bards of the skies, composers of the song,

In their ballet of flight, we all belong.

So let the wings of verse take flight,

In the avian sky, a mesmerizing sight.

A symphony of nature, an enchanting art,

In every flutter, poetry's beating heart.

nature poetrylove poems

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