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Winged Terrors

My irrational but totally rational fear

By Grace Gettys Published about a year ago 1 min read
Winged Terrors
Photo by Rúben Marques on Unsplash

A different type of fear awaits me.

It starts with a dark house with a guiding porch light,

where safety lies within, but not a moment before.

It has a sticky lock that routinely fails my key.

But once I am in, I’m safe from what is in the night.


I see them gathering from a distance.

The small specks of darkness crowd the glow

with unpredictable movements that I cannot follow.

Looking from afar gives me shivers about their existence,

But there is only so much about their kind I want to know.


The closer I get, the louder I hear beating wings.

I can imagine their bodies getting lost in my hair,

stuck underneath my clothes, lingering on my skin.

Once I reach the house, I can see the wall where each one clings.

As I fumble with the key, I send up a quick safety prayer.


Once inside, I looked back to make sure none snuck in.

My heartbeat was still pounding for I was full of dread.

I breathe a shaky sigh of relief, thankful I didn’t have an encounter.

Exhausted I make my way to bed, feeling goosebumps on my skin;

But just as I am about to drift to sleep, I feel a furry tickle on my head.

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About the Creator

Grace Gettys

I am an avid storyteller that likes to write about anything that inspires me whether that comes from visiting the beach or blogging about what is on my mind.

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  • Rachel Deeming2 months ago

    Moths and their crazing movements are a bit scary! I liked the build up of suspense here.

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