Wind Whispered

Simple Praise

Wind Whispered

The wind whispered to the trees,

issuing soft degrees,

tickled and bemused,

the trees laughed and refused.

The leaves jumped and jived,

for attention, never deprived,

flicking sunshine all around,

this was the life to be found.

The sky looked down with pride,

so much so that his eyes cried,

happy tears for all of creation,

fullest joy and elation.

The rain drops kissed the ground,

natures love and gentlest sound,

dripping with passion and grace,

like well-preserved, delicate lace.

The birds would frolic and chatter,

to the melodic raining spatter,

their delight added greatest praise,

in the most picturesque of ways.

Nature's fruition, simple and sweet,

the divine vision was quite a treat,

creation's existence,

and ever-growing persistence.

It was enough in itself,

at least for the Maker Himself.

nature poetry
Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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Rowan Finley

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