Why Just for Today?

Inner Truths

Why Just for Today?

I celebrate, my birth, my lifetime, and my being.

what had i been celebrating? one day a year.

i had been here everyday before and after.

this was not my celebration, this was theirs.

i appreciate treasured moments,

as i watch them celebrate moments of the past.

yesterday i missed, tomorrow i may not exist.

i will always exist to them, even if i don't exist to myself.

today, just for today, i celebrate.

they celebrate, for me and for them.

they do not celebrate for this day, but the many before it.

i never cared to celebrate one day a year.

here i am, here they are.

celebrating on this day.

a question unasked until too late, is a question unanswered.

why just for today?

sad poetry
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