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Why did you leave me?

love's pain

By HellenPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Why did you leave me?
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Why did you leave me?

In the depths of sorrow, a poem emerges,

"Why did you leave me?" my heart surges.

Emotions entangled, a painful refrain,

In this heartfelt poem, I'll try to explain.

The echoes of your absence haunt my soul,

Leaving me shattered, incomplete, and cold.

Once intertwined, our lives were so entwined,

But now I'm left with memories behind.

Why did you leave me, my love, my friend?

Was it something I did, a message I couldn't comprehend?

I search for answers, in the depths of my despair,

But all I find are fragments of a love once so rare.

The nights are long, the tears do flow,

As I grapple with this emptiness, this woe.

The void you left behind, it cuts so deep,

Leaving scars that refuse to let me sleep.

Was it a choice you made, or circumstance's cruel hand?

I question my worth, I struggle to understand.

But in the midst of pain, I find strength to cope,

To heal the wounds, to find a glimmer of hope.

I'll mourn the loss, the love that's now gone,

But I won't let it define me, I'll carry on.

For within this heartache lies a chance to grow,

To rediscover myself, to let my spirit glow.

In time, the ache will lessen its grip,

Though scars may remain, I'll learn to equip,

Myself with resilience, with love anew,

For I deserve happiness, and so do you.

So, "Why did you leave me?" I ask once more,

But this time, I'll find solace in the answers I explore.

For life moves on, and so must I,

With open arms, to the future, I'll fly.

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Hello.I enjoy reading and writing, as well as practicing yoga and meditation. I am a detail-oriented individual, which often translates into my work and personal life.

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