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Who's That Peeping in My Window

Pow...Nobody Now

By Charlene EllisonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Some individuals find joy in being a peeping Tom just to invade your


It is lust or the cheap thrill they feel that makes them get aroused

In the heat of the night wondering yet not a one-eyed piracy

Only a fool will play games that he will surely lose

Although, it seems innocent at first it eventually escalates

There is no reason to be uninvited guest…just no excuse

Perverts is what I call them unable to approach for the fear of rejection

So, he stands in the window watching your most intimate moments

Just sickening how he still can somehow get an erection

Don’t get me wrong this is a very serious matter

That a man can stalk a woman and possibly become violent

Nevertheless, he was not ready for the gun…he begins to scatter

A man can overpower a woman, yet women are strong and clever

When all you have is the will power to live the survival mode kicks in

A woman will lose her mind if a body part she must sever

Stay awake…be suspicious that is our women’s intuition

It is the inner voice of reasoning that speaks volume

Not every man is a creep, yet some have a hidden mission

It is never alright to invade on a woman's privacy at any time

If you are not the cup of tea just keep it moving

Because Peeping Tom is considered a crime

Do you know what the frightening thing in the world is? It’s fear- Mark


No one should ever feel insecure in their place they feel peace…their


So, do not go uninvited you are not a guest…just disappear

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Charlene Ellison

I am a graduate student in general psychology. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's with a positive thought out of a bad situation!

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    Charlene EllisonWritten by Charlene Ellison

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