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Whispers of Wisdom


By Caleb GoldPublished 5 months ago 2 min read
Whispers of Wisdom
Photo by saeed karimi on Unsplash

Whispers of Wisdom

In the depths of silence, where wisdom resides,

There exist whispers, softly spoken, as guides.

They carry the echoes of timeless truth,

Whispers of wisdom, imparted in youth.

In the hush of nature, where serenity dwells,

Wisdom's voice emerges from enchanted spells.

It rustles through leaves, whispers in the breeze,

Guiding lost souls, bringing them to ease.

In the chambers of the heart, where emotions reside,

Wisdom whispers gently, a compassionate guide.

It speaks of love's depths and forgiveness untold,

Guiding us to grow, to be brave and bold.

Through the corridors of time, wisdom echoes clear,

Passed down by sages, for all hearts to hear.

Lessons learned, etched in the tapestry of age,

Whispers of wisdom, inked on wisdom's page.

In the pages of books, where knowledge finds rest,

Wisdom's whispers breathe life, eternally blessed.

They share tales of triumph, the struggles we face,

Guiding us forward with wisdom's embrace.

In the depths of our souls, where truth lies within,

Wisdom whispers softly, inviting us to begin.

To seek understanding, to question and explore,

Guiding us to wisdom's uncharted shore.

Through the voice of a friend, a mentor so dear,

Wisdom whispers kindly, banishing our fear.

It shares insight and counsel, with gentle grace,

Guiding us through life's intricate maze.

In the quiet moments, when the world fades away,

Wisdom whispers its secrets, urging us to stay.

To listen with open hearts and open minds,

Guiding us to answers we may yet find.

So let us heed the whispers, the wisdom's call,

Embrace the lessons, both big and small.

For in the whispers lie treasures untold,

Guiding us forward as we unfold.

In whispers of wisdom, we find solace and light,

Guiding our steps, through the day and the night.

Embrace their counsel, with an open ear,

For whispers of wisdom are treasures so dear.


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