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"Whispers of the Soul"

Bright Eyes & Shy Smiles: Hazel's Secret

By Shan ZainPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
A girl with Yellow frower

In a small town where tales were spun,

Lived Hazel, a girl who loved the sun.

At the school where laughter rang clear,

Stood George, a boy, shy but sincere.

Hazel's eyes gleamed like the morning dew,

George's heartbeat for her tried and true.

Their story started with looks so shy,

In a dance of whispers under the sky.

With each passing day, their friendship grew,

In shared moments, they found something new.

Hazel, a bright star in the daytime,

George, enchanted, as if in rhyme.

Then, one day, as the school bell chimed,

Hazel picked a flower, her feelings primed.

George, watching from afar, felt a spark,

At that moment, he was lost in the dark.

As night fell softly, stars above,

Their silent chat, a tale of love.

Would Hazel come back when dawn arose,

Or chase her dreams where no one knows?

Under the moon's soft, silver glow,

Their hearts spoke truths, a bond to show.

For Hazel and George, a tale unfolds,

In their hearts, a story untold.

As they parted ways, in the town's warm light,

Their love story starts, shining bright.

For Hazel and George, a sweet romance,

Their journey begins with a hopeful dance.

Poem Written by Shan Zain

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Shan Zain

"I'm Shan Zain, a content writer who specializes in crafting engaging and captivating content across articles, blogs, and marketing material. Let's make your content stand out together!

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Comments (1)

  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    That's so interesting really enjoyed it excellent story

Shan ZainWritten by Shan Zain

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