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Whispers of the soul

unveiling the Depth of silence

By Gershom ronoPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of the soul
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In the silent chambers of the heart's domain,
Whispers of the soul softly proclaim.
In murmurs faint, they weave a tale,
Of dreams untold and memories frail.

Through the corridors of time they glide,
In echoes soft, they do confide.
Secrets buried deep within,
Unraveling truths, where to begin?

Each syllable a tender touch,
Reaching out, yearning for such,
Connection deep, between the lines,
Where the soul's melody entwines.

With every verse, a journey taken,
Through realms unseen, dreams awaken.
In the poet's hands, the whispers thrive,
In every stanza, they come alive.

Listen close, and you shall hear,
The soul's whispers, crystal clear.
In the gentle rustle of the leaves,
In the sigh of wind that grieves. Take your

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Comments (2)

  • Antoni Nima3 months ago

    Beautiful poem!

  • kindly support me , by reading , and subscribing for free

Gershom ronoWritten by Gershom rono

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