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Whispers of the Cosmos

Journeys Through Life's Poetry

By Mohameen MoshoodPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of the Cosmos
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In the twilight's hush, where shadows dance,
Whispers linger in a fleeting trance.
Beneath the moon's soft, silver gaze,
Dreams unfold in a mystic maze.

Stars above, a celestial choir,
Serenading hearts with their fire.
Echoes of ancient tales untold,
In the cosmic tapestry, they enfold.

Time itself, a silent stream,
Flowing through the realms unseen.
Memories like petals in the breeze,
Drifting through the corridors of ease.

In the stillness of the night's embrace,
Love's tender touch leaves its trace.
And as dawn breaks, the world anew,
Hope arises, pure and true.

So let us cherish each moment's grace,
In this vast and wondrous space.
For in poetry's gentle art,
We find solace for the weary heart.

Through fields of gold and skies of blue,
Where dreams take flight and wishes come true.
In every laugh, in every tear,
Life's symphony sings, crystal clear.

With every step upon the earth,
A story unfolds, of death and birth.
In the rhythm of the beating heart,
A tale of love, a work of art.

For life is but a fleeting dance,
A fragile thread, a whispered trance.
Yet in its midst, we find our voice,
And in its beauty, we rejoice.

So let us wander, hand in hand,
Through valleys green and deserts sand.
For in the poetry of life's embrace,
We find the strength to keep the pace.

And when the stars fade in the dawn,
And shadows flee from the morning's yawn,
We'll greet the day with open eyes,
And chase the sun across the skies.

For in this journey, wild and free,
We find our truth, our destiny.
In every moment, bright or dark,
We'll leave our mark, like a spark.

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Mohameen Moshood

Optimistic in nature

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  • Gerard DiLeo4 months ago

    Very nice ruminations, Mohameen.

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