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Whispers of Petals

Nature's Fragrant Poetry

By diwakarPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Nature's Fragrant Poetry

In gardens green, where sunlight weaves,
Blossoms dance with gentle breeze,
Whispers of petals, secrets they keep,
In the heart of blooms, dreams do leap.

Each petal a verse, in nature's grand tome,
In colors of dawn, in shades of home,
From morning's rise to evening's fall,
Flowers sing softly, their stories call.

Tales of love, in roses red,
In lilies white, where dreams are spread,
The daisy's laughter, the tulip's grace,
In fields of wild, in every place.

With fragrance sweet, they paint the air,
A symphony of scents, beyond compare,
In gardens tended by the sun's warm light,
Flowers bloom, a wondrous sight.

So let us listen to their silent song,
As they whisper tales, both short and long,
For in each blossom, a story lies,
Nature's fragrant poetry, beneath the skies.Start writing...

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