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Whispers of Forever

A Symphony of Love in Verse

By DERRIAN WALKERPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of Forever
Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

In the quiet hush of twilight's embrace,

Where the sun and moon share a fleeting space,

There blooms a tale, tender and true,

A whispered verse, just for me and you.

In the canvas of the night, stars softly gleam,

Painting dreams with a celestial beam.

Through the vast expanse, our spirits soar,

Entwined, entangled, forevermore.

Your eyes, two windows to a universe unseen,

Hold secrets, sorrows, and joys in between.

In their gaze, I find a sanctuary,

A haven where love unfolds gracefully.

Each heartbeat, a rhythm, a melodic tune,

Playing the ballad of a love that will swoon.

Through valleys of laughter and mountains of tears,

Our journey unfolds, transcending the years.

Oh, the touch of your hand, a tender grace,

A symphony of warmth, an intimate embrace.

In the symphony of life, our hearts compose,

A melody that only true love knows.

Time dances around us, a fleeting waltz,

Leaving imprints on the tapestry of our faults.

Yet, in every scar and in every line,

A testament to a love so divine.

Through seasons that change and storms that may rage,

Our love, an anchor, an unyielding stage.

For in the ebb and flow of life's grand sea,

You are the constant, my solace, my key.

So, let this poem be a vessel of emotion,

A testament to our unspoken devotion.

For in the echo of each heartfelt line,

Lives the essence of a love so pure, so fine.

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