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"Whispers Amidst the Roar: Embracing Quiet in a Noisy World"

"Finding Serenity in the Spaces Between"

By Ammar NadeemPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
"Whispers Amidst the Roar: Embracing Quiet in a Noisy World"
Photo by Mohammad Alizade on Unsplash

In a world so loud and busy,

Finding quiet feels quite dizzy.

Yet, between the honks and chatter,

Silence matters, it's no minor matter.

Look for the hush of a starry night,

Or the calm when morning’s light is just right.

In pauses between a friend’s laugh,

Or the quiet path where no one walks by half.

It's the moments when the world stands still,

No ringing phones, no sudden thrill.

Just a soft whisper, or a gentle breeze,

Silence is its own kind of tease.

In parks where children might play,

Silence is the break of day.

When they sit, catching their breath,

Silence feels like a small kind of death.

But it’s a pause, a rest for the soul,

A moment when we feel truly whole.

Away from the rush, the pull and the shove,

Silence reminds us of what we truly love.

So, as the world continues its noisy spree,

Remember to pause, to just be free.

For amidst the hustle and city's rage,

Silence is a gift, our quiet sage.

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Ammar Nadeem

Passionate about knowledge, I guide youthful curiosities and chronicle my beliefs, ever enthralled by the ongoing voyage of discovery and intellectual growth.

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