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To listen and speak is a balance which few can claim to master

By Laurel DreyersPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

Where does a voice go,

When it fails to speak rightly,

Or leaves without responding

In a long conversation?

Do others hear it

As it traverses the globe?

Or does it fade from their minds

Leaving no explanation?

With each new home made,

And each new conversation,

Opportunity takes stage

For a tongue to change timbre.

But what if that voice,

When it failed to speak rightly,

Should sink to a small whisper

In the long conversation?

Listening ears

As they traverse the whole world,

Sooth the voice still, make it sit,

Stalls its own expectations.

Other voices rise,

Where once there had been silence.

With one tongue silent, ten rise,

And are heard for the first time.

And they keep rising,

With that one voice still silent

Ears strained to keep listening

Shoving its voice to the ground.

Traversing the globe

Ten voices in each new home,

Still speaking, though they don’t hear

The ears left without a sound.

The conversation

Expanded with new voices,

Tongue tutored by listening ears,

Speaks now; it’s place has been earned.

Timbre, tone and note,

Conductor enters stage right

To an audience listening,

Baton raised, clear throat, loose tongue.

A faint whisper blows over the crowd.

performance poetry

About the Creator

Laurel Dreyers

I write Sci-fi, fiction, poetry, and horror. Some of my favorite books are the Lunar Chronicles, Agatha Christie mysteries, and the Sherlock Holmes memoirs.

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