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A Poem

By D.S. FisichellaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

I've become memory

I remind of the past

Broken mirror, I cast

A reflection of glass

I'm a song and a poem

all wrapped into one

I am wave and I'm gulf,

I am blue, and I'm black

I am love but you hurt

and say you want me back

All the while you reject,

and I'm left here unsure

You say you want me less

but you ask me for more.

But I'm sore:

from the whiplash

of your heart stash

full of words, rash,

and the gore...

It's a crime scene,

what my eyes see,

you say 'let be,'

I forgo.

I can love from afar,

I have done it before.

Don't ask me

for my poetry,

It's a part of me

so just let me be.

Don't ask me to love,

But also to leave

you alone in the dark

alone there to grieve.

You say pray, so I do

But sometimes I just cry,

It feels like you're just gone

Without saying goodbye.

I stand outside

looking into a globe

full of glitter and gold

upside down

right side up

how it shines

They forget

that it's trapped


it's stuck there,


You want rainbow

No rain.


No pain.


No name.

But I'm wave...

and I'm gulf.

I am blue,

and I'm black.

I am love

But at least

That's not something

I lack.

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About the Creator

D.S. Fisichella

D.S. is an Award-Winning Poet and Author of the Bestselling Young Adult Christian Novel, DREAMER.

Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook or visit her website: www.dsfwriter.com

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