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Whimsical Winter

Tautogram Poetry

By Mutahir AhsanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Whimsical, wondrous, white winter's night,

Wistful, wild, whimsical sight,

Wandering, windy, whimsical kite,

Whimsical winter, whimsical delight.

Winking, wondrous, winter's snow,

Wonderful, white, whimsical glow,

Wandering, wistful, winter's flow,

Whimsical winter, whimsical show.

Warm, woolen, whimsical wear,

Wonderful, white, wintery air,

Winding, whimsical, winter's flair,

Whimsical winter, whimsical affair.

Whimsical, winking, winter's cheer,

Wonderful, wintery, whimsical fear,

Wandering, winding, winter's tear,

Whimsical winter, whimsical clear.

This type of Poetry is known as Tautogram poetry; a type of poetry where all the words in each line or stanza start with the same letter. The first letter of each word is called the "key letter" or "initial letter." The key letter is usually repeated throughout the poem to create a cohesive and harmonious effect.

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