Where I'm From

by Cassie Ridge about a year ago in inspirational

A Poetic Biography

Where I'm From

I am from a green corduroy covered armchair,

From Legos and dolls and books.

I am from a foster home,

And later my mom & dad’s home.

I am from a small group of trees in the backyard,

That I pretended was a forest where feral animals prowled.

I am from books and reading over mommy’s shoulder.

I am from Adoptive & Biological,

From Bridge and Woods*.

I am from the broken and the whole,

From love and emptiness,

From overwhelming emotions that I don’t always understand.

I am from sinners and Christians,

Though there’s not really a difference, because everyone is a sinner.

I am from Adam and Eve,

From Kenny and Laura Lee*.

I am from pen and paper,

From flesh and blood,

And from love and choices.

I am from complaining about tangled hair,

From braids and bows.

I am from scissors and paper hearts,

From handmade cards for mom and dad.

I am from the swing set in the backyard,

From the trampoline playing popcorn with my brother and sister.

I am from bumps, bruises and scrapes,

From running to daddy, crying,

From daddy kissing my boo boos and sending me back to play.

I am from laughter and squeals,

From tears and hugs,

From apologies and kisses.

I am from goodnight kisses and bedtime stories,

I am from books and reading over mommy’s shoulder.

I am from Legos and dolls and books,

Hiding from the world behind a green corduroy covered armchair.

*Names have been changed to protect identities*

Cassie Ridge
Cassie Ridge
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