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When You Love Somebody

by Kay McCann 4 years ago in love poems
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A Letter to My Loved One

When you love somebody for the first time,

no one tells you what it's really like

or what to expect.

No one prepares you for the journey you are about to undertake,

the heartache, laughter, tears and emotions.

The initial stages present admiration in its purest form.

Everything is so innocent.

The way you talk, censoring yourself, analysing each other's responses.

You tiptoe around each other, hesitantly,

but yearning for more.

More information, more intimate glances, just more

but you take things slow, despite wanting to dive in head first.

Late nights are wrapped in conversation,

but most importantly each other.

Bed sheets act as waves and you are the wind,

contorting and manipulating the flow around you

You are consumed in each other.

Limbs become entangled,

making it hard to distinguish where you begin and end.

You are one.

The tentative touches turn animalistic,

You crave the physical connection.

Words are no longer viable nor enough to express the uncontainable emotions between you.

Knowing the details of one's mind progresses to the exploration of their physical being.

The feeling of skin on skin is a new form of intimacy you had yet to experience.

There isn't an adequate term for the emotions expressed during sex,

We must settle for the term 'making love.'

When you love somebody, you relish in

Having someone to come home to after a hard day,

someone to wipe away the tears,

and remind you tomorrow is a new day.

Someone to share laughter with,

to form a future with.

The tender hand that maps out your body in front of them.

Committing every inch of you to memory

every hill, valley, and cove

that is you.

What people omit is the down side of loving someone.

How you can no longer afford to be selfish,

you put your lover's needs before your own.

You can no longer just think of yourself,

when there is another person in the equation.


big or small, they're exhausting.

They can evolve from the most insignificant of things and escalate uncontrollably.

A cacophony of emotions that completely consume every ounce of you;

Anger, Anxiety, Sadness.

The dark thoughts acting as parasite crawling beneath your skin, contaminating everything in its path-

adding fuel to a fire ignited by insecurities but most importantly


Your eyes begin to pool, rain and pour,

Tears are the only thing to put this fire out.

The inner turmoil strikes.

The person who put those tears there

is the only person to stop them.

The lonely nights spent apart, the weight of the world resting on your chest.

Sleeping in the same bed with oceans between you both

its times like this you have to decide to fight the current or drown.

And I’d fight the current every time.

Because when you love someone

you love them for who they truly are,

both the good and the bad.

When you love someone

you realise that you are willing to overlook the bad times

because the good times you have together are so fucking good.

You’re so wrapped up in this other person that you can’t tell whether its suffocating or comforting,

but either way you know you wouldn’t be anywhere else.

So no, no one can prepare you for when you love somebody

it will hit you like a tonne of bricks

unexpectedly and painfully,

because loving someone isn’t easy

but god it is worth it.

Because despite everything,

You have this person, this magnificent person who you would do anything for.

You will bow, bend and break for this person,

because they are worth it.

When you love somebody, nothing else matters.

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About the author

Kay McCann

Film and Literature enthusiast wanting to make a difference.

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