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When the Color Has Left

We Are Made Up of Everyone We Love

By Joannis RodonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
When the Color Has Left
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Illustrations form of a white cartoon

Inside of a black and endless room

Flat and monochromatic

Or a black cartoon within the same infinite space of white

Both empty and full

Eyes that close invite the darkness

However, mine demonstrate color

Images of radiant personalities

Each a different hue, tone, and shade

We are not one, but many

Drops of paint pour over the vessel that holds my love

Each layer complimenting the next

Creating a rainbow of existing creatures and people

Hardening to shell my heart of any pain

When the color has left my eyes

I simply close them to be able to see again

All of the exquisite beings that reside inside of me

Each wonderful friend, and the color they represent

Each of the colors bravely sitting on the outside of animals

All of the colors that make up my own

To fill up the grays and blacks

When the color has left


About the Creator

Joannis Rodon

Cat mom of 3 (1 in Heaven), Animal Advocate, and Surreal Photographer.

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