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When Lucy's Ready

She's ready for love.

By Jean McKinneyPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Credit: Kellepics via Pixabay

When Lucy’s ready

. . . she’s ready.

None of this slowstepping sweets and roses

Cat dance of attraction:

Forward two back one

Wondering who makes the first move

When music winds through a still room

And candleflames tremble on wineglasses.

Lucy wants it all and she wants it now.

Hot breath and steamrollers

On the floor where the carpet’s bleached pink

From scrubbing up stains,

Buttons leaping

Whine of ripped silk

Lips burning lips like arrows in the fire

Straight to the heart of it

And windows wide to let the neon in.

When Lucy’s ready

She’s ready for love.

Behind the Scenes: Here's another of the LA poems written in cafes and on buses winding through the empty nighttime streets of the city, where many strange things can happen.

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Jean McKinney

Writer and artist reporting back from the places where the mundane meets the magical, with new stories and poems every week. Creator of the fantasy worlds of the Moon Road and Sorrows Hill. Learn more and get a free story at my LinkTree.

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