When I Thought I Wasn't Enough

I was always more.

When I Thought I Wasn't Enough

Don't try to reach me through the shadows, you will never find me there.

Don't fumble around for me late at night, early in the morning, whichever tortures you most.

Don't think of me when you feel as though no one is thinking of you.

Don't remember me when you feel you've forgotten yourself.

I won't be the last straw. The one you sip on when your mouth is dry as a desert.

I am not a light in your darkness.

I am the brightest ray of sunlight, when you thought you were already blind.

I am the cold side of your pillow, on the hottest of summer nights.

I am a burning hot shower, in the coldest of winter months.

Spontaneous, shocking, and permanent.

I will never be less than that.

slam poetry
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