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When I think of Home

by Adrianne Kirksey 9 months ago in heartbreak · updated 8 months ago
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By Adrianne Kirksey

When I think of Home
Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

When I think of home,

I become confused.-

Home has not always been happy.

My home,

and I,

were used.-

By all the folks,

I tried to help;

when I really,

could not help myself.

But let me tell you

how I feel,

a home,

is meant to be.-


is the lights on!

Momma paid the bill,

so we could see.-

Home is a warm, hearty, meal-


in my belly.-


in the morning-Coffee.


in the evening-Tea.

Home is where I come to hide,

when the world,

has hurt me.-


is a long, hot, bath

after a hard day.

Home is the temple,

where you manifest and pray.

Home is an enclosure.

It can house,

love, loyalty, and trust-

Home is where you go,

when you've

just about had,


Home is where the heart is.

Home is the ribbon;

a gift, with a red bow.

Home is who you cry out to,

when it's time,

to let them go.


is my comfort.


is my strength.-


is where I decompress,


is where I think.-

A home is arms wrapped around you,

Home is your best friend.-

Home is keeping your family safe,

when you feel things,

have come to an end.-

I may not have the biggest house,

but it is home to me.

It is no longer filled with heartless people,

My home, beckons me!


is sweet, scented candles,

Marvin Gaye on the radio,

singing to me.-


saw my tears,

when I closed the door.

Now, it's just me,

I don't cry so much anymore.

Moved in...

Moved out,

with no thank you.


is melancholy dreams,

where "they made a fool of you."


is my special place,

let no one take us under.-


is my barricade

in the rain,

lightning, and thunder.

Home is, "I will call you back!"-


is where I go,

to relax-


is the place,

that puts a smile, on your face.


is picture frames of generations told.


is where you take accountability,

for things, you have done wrong.


is what you make it.

It can be,

green grass in the spring,

or cold, in the winter like snow.

When you don't have any money left,

you take your broke ass home!


is a feeling,

that someone loves you,


Like a roof,

it covers you.

A home,

is stronger than pride.-


is where you can be yourself.

Your heart,

is the home,

in you!


About the author

Adrianne Kirksey

The Writer of all Wrongs-AK

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