When I Asked Him to Shower with Me

by Serrena Gragg about a year ago in heartbreak

To my ex

When I Asked Him to Shower with Me

My body was a peach,

I had liked him to take a bite.

I don’t think it’s very nice at all,

He was not very polite.

To make me fall,

To tell me he’d taste me too,

But he didn’t seem to have much delight,

I guess since he thought he won the fight.

OH, won’t you have me wrapped around you every night without a single touch?

Tell me what it was about me that he disliked and such?

Was It just not enough,

Or was it just too much?

When I asked him to shower with me, he said no,

There wasn’t enough space for the both of us.


/A poem I wrote back in 2017/

Serrena Gragg
Serrena Gragg
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Serrena Gragg

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