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Whatever I see is that really,...

by Manthan 3 months ago in vintage / slam poetry / performance poetry / nature poetry / love poems / how to / heartbreak / fact or fiction
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God given a chance beside a gorgeous...

My luck.....

Whatever I see is that really,

Am I dreaming or it’s happening actually?

When I got a chance to speak with gorgeous,

To spent long time, to reach home late,

I appreciate destiny, say, “God is so great”.

That before me at my place, send a gorgeous

It feels very weird when rarely it occurs

If it always occurs, then normal would be my behavior.


Like in open hand flying ball fall exactly,

Caught and self don’t know, don’t know how to express,

Likewise, suddenly got chance golden beside girl gorgeous,

Hardly to believe and don’t know how to behave.


God, bring again & again such gorgeous,

Again & again make my day awesome.

* * *

vintageslam poetryperformance poetrynature poetrylove poemshow toheartbreakfact or fiction

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loving, living, chilling, relaxing, enjoying life,.... I am full crazy and bizarre 😍🥰😜😝. I read and write poems - poetry. And in rest of time I 🤔🙄🤭🤫🥱.

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