What We Never Said

by Rowan Finley about a year ago in vintage

Closed Lips

What We Never Said

What we never said kept us awake through solemn nights

What we never said, it nearly killed us from the inside out

What we never said broke us up in the midst of our fights

What we never said made us so terribly mad, no doubt

What we never said brought us down to our knees

What we never said declared that we never really cared

What we never said led to those around us crying out pleas

What we never said, it was all out of fear, for we never dared

What we never said we sure wish we would have spoken then

What we never said, it all fills us to the brim with regret

What we never said, could there have been a true way to win?

What we never said years and years later we continue to fret

What we never said, our silence was truly a terrible sin

What we never said, that stillness broke hearts beyond repair

What we never said, was foolishness, thus we cannot pretend

What we never said was never righteous or quite frankly fair

Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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Rowan Finley

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