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What's Next?

the healing process...

By Alexis RobersonPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Ft. Nicole Taylor

To mend this broken heart I have

What do I do next?

I take a step forward

But always see myself in flashbacks of the love I could've had

One foot in front of the other

Just to stop in my tracks of healing waiting for you to come hold my hand

Walk with me please

What do I do next?

This can't be all that there is

Feeling empty because I poured every inch of myself into someone for years

Drowning in the depths of what I thought was love

"It's okay to be hurt but you have to move on"

Tell me... how do I move on from someone who has moved into my heart?

I tried putting up an eviction notice but it didn't seem to work

Why are you still here?

All the tears I've shed I swear I could fill an ocean

You're like my own personal form of poison that I need to get away from

It's time for me to pack my bags and leave

No matter how much I believe this may still work

I've grieved for way too long

I know I need to be strong

But for some reason I have this fear of being alone


I used to do so well on my own

I used to love myself

Not expecting it from anyone else

But you... you came into my life and that's all I knew

To mend this broken heart...

I know what I have to do next

Letting go of you... of us will be hard

Yet, it will be the best decision my heart has made when it came to you... to us

This broken heart will soon be whole again

Step by step and piece by piece

I will be able to feel myself regain the confidence that I had before

I will once again become the main character of my own story, in protection of my heart

Yes, I may need to restart but in that will come out beautiful pieces of art

I will be happy

I will be content in my own being

Not worried about what others think of me

Everything will happen on my own pace as long as I stay true to what I have to say

And in this story I've written of how to mend this broken heart I was given

This experience has showed me the ugly beauty of putting the pieces back together

For future endeavors

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About the Creator

Alexis Roberson

I may be young but I have experienced a lot pain, happiness, and growth. This is my safe place that I am welcoming you in, hop on and enjoy the ride (:

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