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What now?

After the funeral

By Dan GeePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
My father and I

What now?

The comments have stopped

The cards are in a draw

The funeral is done

His estate is settled

So what now?

"Don't forget to remember him

"Don't be quiet, you can speak to me"

"Don't feel sad if you're having a good day"

I don't want a list of don'ts

I want want something to do.

I want the next tradition

the next process

the next step to complete bereavement;

The next thing to not look forward to

But it's not there

There's nothing there

Just me

My memories

and a to do list that's done.

I need something prescribed

I need something defined

Diatonic and aligned

He's dead.

He's ash.

He's mourned.

So what now?

sad poetry

About the Creator

Dan Gee

Writing from Brecon, Wales. Father of two, lover of music and spicy food. Artist Relations/Marketing by day.

Much love.

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