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What love Means to Me...

Simple Joys

By Sugan Ya Published 7 months ago 1 min read
What love Means to Me...
Photo by Christian Widell on Unsplash

What love means to me....

I like simple things,

so here we go,

Watching the sky, that's a lovely show.

Stars at night, they sparkle and glow,

And waiting for sunset, all aglow.

I like seeing flowers, colorful and neat,

Playing with water, it's a lovely treat.

A new book's smell, oh, it's so sweet,

And butterflies flying, can't be beat.

Looking for the moon, up high in the sky,

Baby's cheeks, pinch, oh my, oh my!

Watching the sea, stars passing by,

Chasing fireflies, oh so sly.

Morning coffee, a sip, so fine,

Long walks on roads, under the sunshine.

Fire's dance, so bright, it's mine,

Playing in the rain, it's a sign.

Singing in the bathroom, just for fun,

Always vibing in the sun.

Birds in the sky, on the run,

These simple things, they're the one.

I enjoy these things, simple and light,

They're what I call Love....

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran7 months ago

    I love books, moon, sea, coffee and your poem too!

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