What Is There to Do?

by Hannah Payne 2 years ago in heartbreak

Pain in a Polyamorous Relationship

What Is There to Do?

Being polyamorous

Doesn't mean things don't hurt

We aren't open, we aren't friends with benefits

We are together

Together as one

Two hearts connected

Holding hands isn't just a comfort,

It's a connection meaning more than the average bear

When you kiss another without my consent

It hurts

But that isn't all

That happened once

The aftermath hurts more

The little looks at others

The small comments

Both positive and negative

What am I to do?

I love you

You are one of mine

And I thought I was yours

To protect and cherish

But now...

Do I leave?

Leaving hurts us both

I can't hurt you, even if you hurt me.

I love you too much to leave

But do I stay and keep getting hurt?

What is there to do?

Hannah Payne
Hannah Payne
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