What Is Life?

A Poem

What Is Life?

What is life

When your mom always made cookies for you

Lived a life with drinkers

Everyone tells you what to do

People always see what you are doing

Is it when you get beat on by your family?

To think about the past

Can live on your own at young age

Live in dear

Full of pain, fear, grip for life

You need to make the best of it

Life is where you find yourself

Be strong

But I am weak

It's ok little one you can find it


That's hard to say


Strength comes in many ways

Is strength where you can push people around?

No, strength:

You can stand up for yourself

Know what your beliefs are

Follow your own rules and beliefs

Give it your all

To do well at something

A place where you fit in

You find your strength in whatever

You only live once

Because there is only one path the path you take

Fayette Brownie
Fayette Brownie
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