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By Kooper Shagena Published about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Mariya Tarakhnenko on Unsplash

I wish he was interested in what I had to say.

Not in the broad sense, because in general he is.

But sometimes I stop my words because no one will care if I say them or don't.

Am I this alien? Too sensitive, maybe. Lost in my own head.

But I can watch my words hit no mark and flutter out the window like trash along the highway.

Why speak at all. More dignified to just sit quietly and let my thoughts reabsorb.

But it's salt in the wound you know? and I don't even know which one

it just stings.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Kooper Shagena

hi :) I write short stories and poetry about emotions, experiences, and interactions with the universe, others, and nature!

Most my stories are fictional, but some are my real life experiences as I remember them.

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