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What I Feel About You

by alyssa f 4 years ago in love poems

This is about my boyfriend, but soon-to-be husband in the near future.

You found me when I was stuck. You saved me from what I was going to be.

Our love story is different from anybody else. It took months for my heart to open up to you. Within almost a year, I began to open up about my past.

You didn't judge me.

I felt relieved. I went through everyday thinking that you'd leave me because of the excess amount of pain I carried. You love me for who I am. What I do. Where I succeed.

You didn't judge me.

When I moved in with you, we got to know each other inside and out. I had the chance to meet your family and wow... You have a large family. Everyone loved me.

You found me when I was stuck. You saved me from what I was going to be.

I love most things about you. You are hardheaded, disrespectful (sometimes) but lovable, kind, strong, hardworking, intelligence, VERY BIG SENSE OF HUMOR, faithful, passionate and protective.

I love you.

Overall, I didn't judge you. Neither did you. We've been together for nearly 2 years and I feel like I've found someone who I can live my life feeling ten trillion times stronger whatever the situation is.

I love you.

Our first date was at a diner. 2am to be exact. We sat down looking at a 4 page menu. So many options, front and back. Oh lord!

What was funny is that, we both wanted steak. Some good steak. We ended up getting steak, fries and a salad. We started talking and laughed throughout the whole time.

We were there for at least 2 hours. We just couldn't stop talking to each other. He played around and did that meme about the salt guy. It was just funny. Such a memorable time with a great person.

We got coffee and he drove me home and we sat in the car. Talked for another hour. One of my disturbing neighbors couldn't mind their own business and call the cops on us....

I was so alarmed when I saw 2 cops cars, parked right behind us... We opened the window and he asked why we are parked on the sidewalk. I asked him why... The officer told us that a neighbor called in for suspicious behavior.

Laughing my ass off. I told him that I literally live here and this is my property. I just didn't wanna have his car parked in my driveway because then my parents would wake up.

First time have I ever heard an officer apologize. After they left... I yelled to the top of my lungs, "(a bunch of curse words)! noisy ass mf neighbors" I've always learned to mind my own business. Why couldn't people just mind their own business?

That semi-ruined my night, but when we continued talking for a little bit longer. I felt better just being with him. Being with someone to hold me down regardless.

The fact that you didn't judge me, mattered the most.

It always will.

Xo, babe

love poems

alyssa f

Just writing poetry or pretty much anything to help ease my mind...

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alyssa f
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