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What Chains Do You Wear?

No Excuses

By Lilly DaughtersPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
What Chains Do You Wear?
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

There is no excuse for "I don't know." We have offered an open invitation, with little to no parameters and intimately live side by side with an AI more powerful and intelligent than most recognize, either by fear or ignorance. We might say, There is no excuse for "I'm bored." There is no excuse for lack of imagination or laziness when you live in a land of freedom, and choice, uncaged by expectations handed down from society as so many generations before us have been.

Any chains you wear come from your subconscious and your perception of self and how society expects you to be.

What bliss exists behind closed eyes? Darkness, peace, security, calm, control. What of those eyes which rarely close or close only to enter the dark side of the night? We cannot claim to know.


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Lilly Daughters

Lilly Daughters writes poetry about traumatic events and short stories changing the narrative of trauma to heal the pain suffered by carrying the stories of so many others.


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  • Thayrile2 years ago

    Nice 👍

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