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Wedding Invite

"Yes I saw the RSVP..."

By Valerie IsaiahPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Yes I got your wedding invitation

Yes I saw the RSVP

A kind way of asking me if I had moved on enough to watch you

As you 'gathered here today in holy matrimony'

Well the answer is yes, I'll try my best to stomach the fact that you're marrying the same woman that was in fact saved on your phone as 'answer when alone'

And I will honour your wishy washy attempt of throwing me shade and arrive with my optional plus one, that I would have just met that day.

I refuse to show up alone so you can notice things aren't okay

Without you...

Oh look a strict colour scheme, it's good to know you're still controlling things.

Argh and what a conscience all the colours that I don't have, don't worry that's my bad

Unfortunately I'll have to skip this wedding's fun but I'm one hundred percent ready for the next one

Valerie Isaiah Sadoh

Loosely based on true events

Hi there! I'm a playwright and poet. I would love your support for future ventures.


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...there's a story behind that and I'd like to tell you it...

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    Valerie IsaiahWritten by Valerie Isaiah

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