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Ever-changing and forever

By Bilal HaiderPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

The weather, oh the weather,

Ever-changing and forever,

A symphony of elements,

Dancing with the winds and currents.

In spring, the raindrops fall,

Refreshing earth with life and all,

Petals bloom, birds sing,

Nature comes alive, everything.

Summer brings a fiery sun,

Hot and bright, the day's begun,

Beaches filled with laughter and fun,

Golden fields basked in the sun.

Autumn paints the world in gold,

Crisp breeze, leaves to behold,

The trees with hues so bold,

A season of change, a sight to behold.

Winter comes with snow and chill,

The air so crisp, so still,

Icy winds howl and thrill,

A time for warmth and fireside thrill.

The weather, oh the weather,

A thing of wonder, a thing of pleasure,

A constant reminder of nature's power,

A thing to cherish, every hour.


About the Creator

Bilal Haider

A person who loves to share experiences and adventures .

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