We Live Today

Gen Z

We Live Today

We live today in a world where we must fit a mold. Where they make us squeeze tight to fit just right. In every category we must fit. For example we all try to be so different but end up the very same. We are told how many words to write.

But what if I don’t want my writing extended that long?

What if I need it to be very minimal?

Well that’s too bad

It must be how all the other writes have it.

I’m tired of it, now I feel like breaking the mold.

No one reads these and that’s okay as long as I can use this as some kind as an outlet.

I don’t need it fit into the rules and guidelines

I don’t want to be paid

I want for once for one tiny second to just be heard

I am young I’ll give you that, but when did that mean I and my options don’t matter

At a young age when we try to find ourselves

Why does being young matter when it comes to amount of shit you go through

Kids these days have it rough

I bet everyone shouts no

But it is true eight kids have killed themselves in one high school this year

If that doesn’t yell fucked up I don’t know what will

Rape is more now than ever but no one chooses to talk about it

Why can’t we stand up and scream for the things we are feeling

We grow up without fathers and mothers

So then who cares about us?

Who cares if I complain that this my writing must be 600 words long my mind cannot extend that far

Without doubling back on the shit I already said

And who cares about generation Z

Everyone’s tired of us

social commentary
Skylar Cribb
Skylar Cribb
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