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'We don't have a life to make decisions...; we have a life to...

... celebrate them"(P.I.) by P. I.

By Patty412024Published 2 months ago 1 min read

"In public spaces, seeking essence bold,

Through lenses fresh, the world unfolds.

Vibrant colors, dancing shadows play,

On screens small, they come to stay.

We don't live to decide, but celebrate,

Life's journey, its twists and fate.

Success, failure, moments fleet,

Each one a lesson, bittersweet.

Love what you do, for greatness lies,

In passion's fire, where ambition flies.

Create the future, believe the dream,

In the beauty of possibilities unseen.

Chase not success, but happiness pure,

For in joy's embrace, success is sure.

Doubt not today, for tomorrow's gain,

Is built on faith, free from chain.

Take risks, seize shots, time's fleeting pace,

Live your truth, in every space.

Destiny's path, yours to define,

With goals set high, dreams align.

So, in life's grandeur, take your stance,

In pursuit of dreams, take the chance.

For in the dance of shadows, colors bright,

Lies the essence of life's delight."

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PWritten by Patty412024

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