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We Bloom like the Flowers of Blossom

This is what makes us humans.

By SRenaSPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
We Bloom like the Flowers of Blossom
Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

The seasons of blossom,

Such a scene of the horizon,

Such flowers bloom,

On the brightest days of dawn.


The sky is so bright,

With clouds above so high,

Birds are roaming with might,

Can a rain stop them tight?


Flowers are blooming,

What a wonderful sighting,

They grow by their own,

Can we grow by our own?


During the night,

They shut their petals tight,

Isolated from the outside world,

Can we stay like them so?


So many colours,

So many wonders,

They are so colourful,

Can we be so bright full?


The sky is so windy,

The sky is so cloudy,

A rain can occur anytime,

But will it also flush our dreams away every time?


This is what makes us humans,

We are just like the flowers,

Without proper care we wither away like the flowers.

We can’t stay isolated from the world,

We can’t grow by ourselves,

Being alone only makes things worse.

What we need is a companion, a person,

Who will be there for us during our ups and downs.

Distractions come,

Obstacles come,

But being stopped by them,

Is what makes us numb.

Chase after your dreams,

Don’t look back,

Once you achieve,

Help others achieve.

Bright days will come,

Good days will come,

Just hold onto that hope,

And you will bloom.


No one is perfect,

We are all imperfect,

And that is what makes us humans.

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Comments (1)

  • Sugan Ya 11 months ago

    Nice written, It's quite captivating...

SRenaSWritten by SRenaS

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