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Waving good-bye

by Angelita Hampton 14 days ago in nature poetry

So long, fear

Waving good-bye
Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

Waves unwind, like a woman falling into

the recesses that memory reminds.

She was too afraid but to creep out to the edge

and let the water trickle at her toes,

no more than wet the bottoms of her feet,

sinking soft and supple into moistened sand-

the grainy truths that rub calluses smooth.

During a daylight dim like dust, she stood,

watching froth around her ankles grow

like kelp collecting now between her toes.

And water rushing, the way that passion throws-

a peristalsis, she takes all of it in and drinks it down

ease out a bit today, and ease with it the fear,

tomorrow swim.

nature poetry
Angelita Hampton
Angelita Hampton
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Angelita Hampton

Angelita Hampton is a writer, visual artist, activist, sister, and daughter. She identifies as a Black feminist revolutionary inspired by and dedicated to social justice.

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