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Water poem

Keep saving keep changing

By Karun Published 3 months ago 1 min read

Never ever waste water

Grow more of millet

Don't even waste a droplet

Always do something better

Don't cry for your blood

Be nature's life line

Then you are nature's queen

Always cry for flood

If you support, Nature is the best

If you do it nature is a magic

Nature will help you everytime

If you appose, Nature is the worst

This is nature's simple logic

Water is always prime

let us be stewards of this liquid gold

Beneath the cerulean sky so vast

Yet a warning rings.

Of drying wells and broken springs.

A pledge to conserve, a tale to be told.

Turn off the taps, don't let them weep.

and small action, a promise to keep.

Save "em

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About the Creator


🌿✨ Karun, a poet weaving emotions into verses, embarked on the journey of words to unearth the beauty of feelings. In the delicate dance of ink and emotion, my poetry delves into the nexus of the human heart and the natural world.✍️

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