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From a World Away

By PoppyPublished 12 months ago Updated 4 days ago 1 min read

Moonlight drenches me like tears as sleep captures you but not me. My dreams are of you, even when I am staring wide eyed at the ceiling. Your daydreams are about her, even when she looks the other way and my eyes only ever find you in every crowd, through every storm.

Sunlight blinds me and makes my eyes water as I look to you and feel your phantom warmth, even from across the room – even from a world away.

I know you will never tell me you love me. You’ve chosen to walk the brick road lined with flowers, the one leading to her and happiness. But can’t you tell me you were at least tempted to walk through the darkened forest with raindrops flooding the ground? Tell me you were at least tempted to walk the way leading to me and all the love I’m drowning in.

I know you will never tell me you’re in love with me, but can’t you at least tell me that you almost were?


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