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Want to Ball Like Wilt

by Diamond Dreams Movement 2 years ago in inspirational

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Want To Ball Better Than Wilt

Want to ball like Wilt, if he puttin up 50 point a game, I’m dropping a hundred points, defense better expect to get kilt,

he won 3 chips, I’m winning every year even when I fall off,

we working to cash checks like Mark McGuire, James Harden,

We came from the bottom, pay my worth or I’ll get it somewhere else,

You gotta ball to be better, not to overpower, only to overcome the obstacles created,

I won’t shun my culture, I’ll have a woman worth more than those 2,000 plus,

I grind & show up to practice everyday, game day I’m hitting MJ fade ways,

I’m never injured, the ball trainers lace me with Mary J, seduced to ball harder than the competition,

I practice everyday, elevating my mind, in every way,

not worrying about the things I cannot control, only perfecting the things I can,

That’s why I create, those that do all wrong & only hate on those working to elevate,

I was born a winner, continuing to work as one, so don’t try to play 1-on-1, even 1-on-5 rather,

Top Spot is for those that work everyday to keep it, not those who continue to weep about not having it


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