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Wake Up, Sleepy Poet

It's Time for a Review!

By Laura DiNovis BerryPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Since I’ve moved to California, I have had the good fortune of meeting Rich, who runs the Cholla Needles literary magazine out in Joshua Tree. He was one of the first people I met here. Kind with twinkling eyes, he sat with me awhile for coffee. We talked at length about the vibrant writing community in these parts.

To my surprise, he had also snagged a copy of my chapbook, Bright Pink Ink. We looked through it together; I quickly realized that the edits he softly suggested would have massive improvements on my book.

Now, last night, I found myself dreaming that I was tinkering around with my chapbook. Changing a word here or there, adding notes which should have been added the first time around—that sort of thing. What I found odd when I woke up was how undream-like that dream had been. I remembered uploading pdf files and other minutiae that is typically glossed over in sleeping fantasies.

But I thought that my subconscious had made a good point. I should edit my book and re-release it! Feeling like a productive little writer, I hastily opened up my laptop, pulled up my manuscript, and was shocked. My night time edits were staring back at me. Flabbergasted, I started cackling to myself. In my first-ever attempt at sleepwalking, I had edited my chapbook.

So to mark this weird and funny occasion, I would like to send out some copies of my sleep walking poetry book in exchange for a review!

Send me a note if you're interested!

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Laura DiNovis Berry

Welcome! I provide free book reviews for modern poets! At the end of the year, 10% of all earnings and donations will be given to a non profit organization. This year you will all be helping Lambda Literary! Thank you!

Twitter: @poetryberry

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