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A Poem About Voice.

By Linda MarryPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Voice + Video on Unsplash

Voice, the sound that flows from within

A language that our hearts begin

It's a symphony of soul and breath

A message that reaches to the depth

It's the sound of laughter and of pain

The voice that speaks out in the rain

It's the whisper of a tender thought

And the song that peace has brought

It's the voice that's bold and brave

And the sound that makes the world behave

It's the words that fight for right

And the language that shines so bright

It's the voice that tells a story

And the words that bring us glory

It's the sound of hope and love

And the language sent from above

So let us use our voice with care

And let our words be true and fair

For voice is power, voice is might

And it's the language that brings us light.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Linda Marry

Love Poems (fiction :)

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