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Verse of Endless Love: A Symphony Unbound

Whispers of the Heart, Echoes of Forever

By BrendonJosephPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In twilight's embrace, a tapestry of stars,

My words unfold, like petals from afar.

With eloquence adorned, my heart's decree,

A symphony of love, composed for thee.

In your arms, I find the sanctuary,

A haven of warmth, a timeless decree.

Your essence, a melody, tender and rare,

A serenade woven into the night air.

Beneath the celestial canvas we roam,

You, the compass guiding my heart home.

With eloquence profound, our story's ink,

An odyssey of passion, where soul and spirit sync.

Your gaze, a sonnet in each tender glance,

A language unspoken, an intimate dance.

In the lexicon of love, we etch our tale,

A sonnet, a rhapsody, where emotions set sail.

Through tempests and calms, in life's grand ballet,

Your love, an anthem that never shall sway.

In the lexicon of time, where moments unfurl,

Our love, an epic, the rarest of pearls.

So, in this ode, with lexicon divine,

I profess my love, forever thine.

In verses whispered, a bond profound,

Our symphony of love, the sweetest sound.

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Just someone who enjoys the artistry of life and literacy. Aimed to capturing the small intricacies often missed.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    A very beautifully written poem! I loved it!

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