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Venetian Roses

of love & death, two vines intertwined

By Halston WilliamsPublished 3 months ago β€’ 1 min read

We must chase (& embrace)

the roses

blushing red with blood,

or shame.

Far better Herzeleid

(union by another name)

forever pierc'd by the thorn

than that the soul in twain be torn.

Ring around the rosie

Death's Head wrapped in pretty poesie

Who will wear an angel's crown

When we all come falling down?

A single briar-roses's grace

with crimson thorny glory crowns

pierc'd vines entwine

A sepulcher of steadfast stones

gleaming lily white

bright as resurrected bones.

surreal poetrysad poetrylove poemsheartbreakart

About the Creator

Halston Williams

Eternal Student: literature, poetry, history, art, and philosophy. English Teacher. Writer & painter. Traveller & skier (when there's $$$). I'm young enough to be foolish, yet old enough to know better. Lover of dark & beautiful things.

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