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Veil of Deception

Don't be deceitful

By Michael DavisPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Veil of Deception
Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Beneath a cloak of whispers, shadows weave,
Deceiveful souls, masters of deceit,
In silken words, their treachery concealed,
They spin their webs, with slyness revealed.

Beware the charm that dances on their lips,
For hidden daggers lie within their grips,
Like serpents coiled, they slither in the dark,
Their hollow promises, a poisonous spark.

With guileful masks, they wear a false façade,
Their hearts entwined in webs so finely wrought,
They smile, they laugh, but behind their gaze,
Lies a labyrinth of lies and wicked ways.

Their eyes, like mirrors, reflecting shallow souls,
Manipulating hearts, achieving selfish goals,
Yet in their wake, destruction is their trail,
Leaving broken hearts, like ships lost in a gale.

Oh, deceiveful ones, your time will come,
When truth's bright sword will pierce your kingdom,
For honesty prevails, though you may scheme,
In the end, your illusions crumble, like a dream.

So, heed my warning, stay away, be wise,
From those who wear deceit as their disguise,
For truth and trust are beacons in the night,
Guiding us through darkness, towards the light.

surreal poetry

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